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Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Click here for the Excel Credit Card Repayment Calculator.  This also provides much of the functionality below.  Requires MS Excel or compatible software.  Free compatible software is available here.

How much interest you will pay,

How much interest you can 'save',

How long it will take to 'pay off' your card or loan.

Credit Card Checker

Click here to keep track of your credit card payments with this easy to use Credit Card Checker.

This credit card checker allows you to:

* See at a glance how long it will take to clear any outstanding balance,

View a comprehensive breakdown of monthly payments,

See how much you pay in pure interest,

See how a change in your monthly payments affects the duration and amount of interest you pay,

Switch between minimum and fixed payments,

Export payment details for analysis in any spreadsheet application,

Print payment forecast for your own personal records,

Create, Save, and Load payment details for any number of credit cards,

Compare interest rates to find the best option for your personal circumstances.

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