A Self Help System To help
Eliminate Un-Secured Debt
Crunch Your Credit

Crunch Your Credit

Did you read the 'small print' when you applied for your card?

There are some myths about credit elimination.  Some may shock or even anger you, but it is a message that must be told.  For example, you probably think you can't do it yourself and you NEED a professional agency to do it for you.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  I did it and so can you!  Why go for a debt settlement program when you can fully be rid of the debt?

Crunch Your Credit
provides you with valuable resources and offers you a unique insight into dealing with debt, by acting honestly, lawfully and truthfully which does not follow the advice of Debt Counsellors, Citizens Advice Bureaus or Financial Advisors.  Is their best interest necessarily your best interest? 

By using our FREE credit card repayment calculator now you can get the low down on how interest piles up and works AGAINST you.  See how much you will save with Crunch Your Credit

The Crunch Your Credit system works because you will understand how debt works, how the banks try to use the 'small print' in your contract (if you had one or not), and you learn how to clear your debt DIY, privately in your own time, in your own home, at your own pace.

Provided that you follow the simple to use, tried and tested process detailed in Crunch Your Credit, you should be able to:

1. Challenge the validity of any alleged credit card or loan agreement,
2. Legally have your debts marked as unenforceable,
3. Agree a greatly reduced balance and agree a monthly interest figure, or low interest rate that suits your budget,
4. Agree a significantly reduced full and final one off payment to settle the account,
5. Monitor, challenge and update your credit rating with the agencies to ensure that your credit rating is the best it always can be,
6. Confidently deal with any unwelcome correspondence from solicitors and/ or collection agencies.
7. Stop unsolicited and harassing phone calls from the card companies and their collection agents.

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